Growth Marketing Development Program (UK)


In our Growth Marketing Development Program, you'll develop yourself in 6 months to become a skilled Growth Marketing Manager in one of the fastest growing scale-ups in Europe. An excellent step for people who really want to develop their career quickly. 


By joining the Growth Marketing Development Program, you develop yourself at lightning speed on all important aspects of Growth and Marketing, learning from the best international marketing and growth professionals at Helloprint. You develop yourself in analyzing performance, understanding the competitive landscape in product offering and pricing and learning all the ins and outs of our marketing campaigns for new and returning customers. You get your hands dirty in all the company's commercial teams because we believe real impact can only be created by building understanding on a very deep level.


During the Development program, you'll work with different department Team Leads in Marketing, Pricing, Supply, E-commerce and Data and many more specialists in SEO, Paid Advertising, Pricing, and Category Management. You have the opportunity to develop yourself with the help of many of these professionals and can absorb all the learnings they have gathered over the years. Every two months, you present your development and progress to our CEO Hans, who will give you honest (but tough) feedback on how you can develop further.


The Development program is just the start of your career at Helloprint. If you complete the traineeship after 7 months, you will be completely responsible for the e-commerce performance of your growth area as Growth Marketing Manager, and we will increase your compensation so it fits with these responsibilities. You report your performance to our Marketing & Growth Lead and work together with all central teams on growth, profitability and customer satisfaction. You have complete ownership over the growth area in good times and bad times and are the go-to person for this part of the company: you write a weekly update to all teams, present the development in our monthly Keynote meeting, and check in weekly with all central teams.

Wat ga jij doen

  • Month 1: You participate in the Helloprint International Trainingweek (HIT-week) at our Customer Experience office in Valencia, Spain. In this first week, we get you up to speed with our culture, way of working and what the different departments in the company are doing. After the HIT week, you stay in Valencia for three more weeks to get trained in customer contact. Understanding the customer's motivations and pain points is the basis of success in Growth Marketing.

What you do (after the Development program as Growth Marketing Manager)

  • You are responsible for commercial growth in a specific growth area (e.g. a market like the United Kingdom or Germany or a category like Clothing & Textile or Photo Products). We have strong growth ambitions, and with your growth area, you contribute heavily to them. You implement the 12-month Growth Plan that you developed during your Development program. You report to the Marketing & Growth Lead;

  • You improve the e-commerce performance of your growing area to reach these targets. You ensure all websites are localized and (SEO) optimized with the Localization team, prices are competitive with the Pricing team, and campaigns run very efficiently with the Marketing team. You work together a lot with other central teams, but you are the one that is end responsible for the performance;

  • You manage and develop the (junior) team of Localization Marketeers (remote / in our office in Valencia or in Rotterdam). You are responsible for hiring, coaching / developing and managing the team to make sure all local optimizations are done effectively;

  • You analyze the performance of your growth area on a daily and weekly basis. You start your morning by checking the orders and customers of the day before, how margins are developing on a product level and if campaigns are reaching their targets. Based on your insights, you dig deeper and connect with the central teams to make improvements. You do deep in your analysis and dig into our Pricing Tool and Google Ads. After all, these skills you have learned during your Development program.

  • You own the paid marketing performance of your market. You understand exactly what keywords and search terms we advertise and how they fit our offering. You understand the competitive landscape and differentiate our brand and product propositions in that landscape. You analyze performance, optimize our ad assets and perfect our bidding strategies together with our PPC team and/or external agencies.

  • You analyze our product databases and understand how we use our producer network and carrier partners for your market and where we can optimize. You analyze the competitor landscape on their price level compared to us and define pricing experiments that maximize our absolute gross profit.

  • You understand the customer’s behaviour in your market and their feedback. You take ownership of customer satisfaction and NPS in your market and are in constant contact with the local Customer Support and Sales teams to gather their insights and improve the model locally.

  • Month 2: You’re back at Helloprint’s HQ in Rotterdam, and get up to speed by our Head of Data, Rinke, on the analytics set-up, data dashboard and reports we have. Analyzing the performance of your growth area is essential to understanding where to optimize and where opportunities are. After that, you work 4 weeks in the Pricing team to fully understand the competitive landscape and our production network. Trained by the Head of Pricing, Andres, you learn how to analyze price strategies, define potential improvements, find purchasing and GPM opportunities and build a price-supply strategy focused on growth and profitability.

  • Month 3: After learning the products in Month 2 from a quantitative level (cost prices, sales prices, margin), you start learning everything about the categories and products themselves with the Category Management team. You make competitive analyses for a category on the product range, attributes, delivery times, quality of the products and website conversion flows and create a Category Improvement Plan on how to improve a (product) category. You visit some of our production partners' production facilities to understand more about our products work.

  • Month 4: You learn how to analyze the website’s performance in Google Analytics, Mode Analytics and Hotjar and define further improvements in your Category Improvement Plan. You learn how to analyze SEO and how we optimize for the highest Google rankings. You get trained in our Content Management system, and you implement your Category Improvement Plan and put it live (and create an impact on the category performance).

  • Month 5: You learn how our Paid Advertising (SEA) campaigns work, how search is the main driver of new customer acquisition, and how it can give the cleanest insights into your market’s performance. You analyze the performance of campaigns and products and dig deeper into underperforming products on pricing, category optimization, website performance and more. You understand the keywords and search terms at a very deep level.

  • Month 6: This is the last month of the Development program, and you work towards your final presentation and graduation. With our Chief Marketing Officer Rick, you create the 12-month Growth Plan on maximising commercial performance in your growth area. You put all your learnings of the Development program together and include Pricing, Purchasing, Category Management, Website Management, SEO, Paid Marketing and CRM together in your plan. You present this 12-month Growth Plan to the Leadership Team to decide if you reached the desired level in your Development program and if you get promoted to Growth Marketing Manager.

Wie zoeken wij

  • You have a bachelor's or master's degree in Business Economics, Physics or Psychology or another relevant background;

  • You have 2-3 years of experience in a relevant Online Marketing area. We will help you learn all the skills and ways of analyzing, but a basis in online marketing and adaptability to the online marketing concepts is needed.;

  • You speak fluent English;

  • You are impatient, and you want to act bold, disruptive and fast, and you show this in your way of working daily;

  • You have a seriously curious attitude. We are looking for people who are hungry for knowledge and always wonder why things are the way they are;

  • You have a love for technology and e-commerce. You are someone who likes to apply knowledge and expertise to create business value;

  • You have analytical glasses, which you use to convert data into customer-oriented solutions. You like to start the day analyzing and spending hours on reports and dashboards;

  • You are a positive person with strong communication skills. You are working a lot with other teams and are likeable, communicative and know how to get people on your side.

Wat bieden wij

  • A unique opportunity to develop yourself at the fastest possible pace. You learn from the best Online Marketing and growth Marketing specialists in Europe and get a development program that is tailored towards maximizing your learnings)
  • An attractive salary that grows quickly when you develop (first substantial increase after the Development program, second increase a year later) - VISA sponsorship is not possible for this Development program, only EU citizens;
  • A unique challenge at a fast-growing European e-commerce company;
  • Smart and highly driven co-workers who work on big challenges and a big dream;
  • A fast-paced learning curve and opportunities to grow and develop yourself in an environment where freedom and responsibility are central;
  • A unique culture with 40 nationalities and with an average age of 30;
  • Opportunities to grow, even into our Leadership Team. We don’t look for age or background, if you are extremely good, you will grow quickly;
  • Great office locations. In The Netherlands, Rotterdam on the Witte de Withstraat, just 5 minutes from Rotterdam Central Station; in Valencia, Spain in the heart of the city Center.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on us. Enough to keep you going all day;
  • 24/7 access to our HelloFit gym and the possibility to participate in our HelloVitality program.

Wie zijn wij

Helloprint is the number one marketplace for customized print products. We bring local production and delivery to a global audience of creative entrepreneurs, SMBs and e-commerce companies, reducing cost, speed of delivery and carbon footprint. What differs from Helloprint, is our 220+ team from 40 countries, all working in an entrepreneurial culture where freedom and responsibility lead to high performance. We are driven by our culture, motivated by impact and focused on creating something beautiful together. We love diversity, we love change, and we love to give back where we can. Read more about our Marketing & Growth Department here.


Up for it?

Our Helloprint talent acquisition process is straightforward with one important goal - knowing for sure that you and Helloprint are both up for it in the long run. Our culture is extremely important to us, so a fit between you and our culture is an absolute must. Check for yourself whether you think this would be a good match by reading our Helloprint Culture Book.

When we receive your application and our first impression is positive, we will contact you and explain all the steps that will be part of our process. Enthusiastic? Start today.